Work Out Your Money for Young People

Empowering young people to be great with money

Work Out Your Money for Young People

Since December 2014, our Schools Financial Capability Programme has reached 8,000 students in Hampshire. It has been designed to develop understanding and awareness in children, allowing greater financial independence, reducing the risk of debt problems and improving opportunities as they grow.

The success of our project can be attributed to engaging a team of qualified teachers who have the flair and passion for engaging children and young people, dedicated volunteers to support us and the backing of the Citizens Advice Havant brand, established in 1963.

650,000 Young People have not claimed their Child Trust Fund – Source Share Found – March 2022

Our Financial Capability Programme has been tried and tested in our local schools. It has also been awarded the Quality Mark by Young Money and Young Enterprise. We are delighted to share these free resources with you.

Award Winning Project – March 2023

We are delighted to announce we have won the Financial Resilience category for the Campaign for Learning, Family Learning Awards.  The awards celebrate imaginative, innovative and inclusive ways of delivering learning opportunities to families. Find out more here.

Over 50% of eligible young people have not claimed their government-funded

Child Trust Fund Savings Account

Almost every child born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 had a government-funded Child Trust Fund savings account opened for them, yet an astonishing 53% of young people who are now eligible to access their savings account have not done so. We act as an Ambassador for Share Found, a charity dedicated to helping young people find their Child Trust Fund. They have developed a free search facility linked through the CTF Register to help young people find which account provider has their account.

In addition to the programme for Schools, we also provide bespoke workshops to meet the needs of your students. Please contact us for further details.