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The Work Out Your Money project is a Citizens Advice Havant initiative, set up in 2014, with the objective of changing the community’s perspective on money. All too often, Citizens Advice see people when financial problems have reached a crisis point. At this late stage it can be a difficult, time consuming and distressing process, and in some instances the help is too late to save a home or prevent bailiffs from calling.

Our small team of Work Out Your Money mentors, supported by volunteers run an extensive programme of light touch workshops around developing money skills in the local community and schools. Every penny really does count whether the budget is tight or not, so having the skills to plan, shop, cook, borrow and save well are essential. We believe that we can make a difference in our area by educating, guiding and mentoring from an early age through to adulthood. By developing the necessary money skills to achieve financial independence, they will have less stress to manage and this will contribute to overall positive mental health. Imagine a local upcoming generation who wouldn’t need the help of our traditional Citizens Advice services as they have their finances under control.

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