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Celebrate National Numeracy Day on 18th May with our accredited resources.

Create opportunities to talk about money in the classroom by accessing our free resources. Whether it’s counting real money, saving it, borrowing it or earning it, we have some tried and tested lessons and activities to help you.

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Knowing how to read a payslip is a much-needed life skill!

At the Bourne Community College, Year 10 students participated in our “Starting a new job” workshops. The students found comparing occupations and salaries an eye-opening activity, generating many interesting comments and conversations. This is what the teachers had to say: “Finance is really useful as students have a limited understanding of real-life costings.“ “Nicely delivered […]

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The Asda Foundation funds school workshops

The Work Out Your Money team were thrilled to win the votes of our local community in the Asda Green Token Scheme. Thanks to the Asda Foundation, more of our local children will learn how to manage their money! We offer many sessions related to money management, and if you, your school, or your community […]

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Essential money skills for Year 11s

The Work Out Your Money team met the Year 11 students at Glenwood School in Emsworth to deliver a bespoke programme of money workshops. Our thanks to the students for their brilliant contribution and the teachers who made it happen. This was a KFC Foundation funded programme. If you are interested in sponsoring a school […]

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Share Found are running virtual events to help young people find their Child Trust Fund

With nearly 55,000 Child Trust Funds maturing monthly since September 2020, this is a great opportunity to find out what you need to do. Although these virtual events are being held regionally for young people, and anyone working with children/young people, you can join an event regardless of where you are from. It is estimated […]

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