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Since December 2014 our Schools Financial Capability Programme has reached 7,000 students in Hampshire. It has been designed to develop understanding and awareness in children, allowing greater financial independence, reducing the risk of debt problems and improving opportunities as they grow.

The success of our project can be attributed to engaging a team of qualified teachers who have the flair and passion to engage children and young people, dedicated volunteers to support us and the backing of the Citizens Advice Havant brand, established in 1963.

Our Financial Capability Programme has been tried and tested in our local schools. In November 2019, this programme was awarded the Quality Mark by Young Money and Young Enterprise and will renew in November 2021. We are delighted to share these resources with you.

We are currently working on a programme for Colleges which helps young people understand how their Child Trust Fund works and more importantly re-unite them with it, if it has been lost. We are Ambassadors for Share Found, a charity dedicated to helping young people and they are passionate about waking up this conversation.

“The age of 16 is a critical time in a young person’s financial maturity as it marks the point at which they can access the Child Trust Fund account created for them by the Government.”

Share Found, The Share Foundation.

In addition to the programme for Schools, we also provide bespoke workshops to meet the needs of your students. Please contact us for further details.