Work Out Your Money for Adults

Empowering adults to be great
with money

Work Out Your Money for Adults

Work Out Your Money aims to bring to the community the skills that allow everyone to have control over their money. Citizens Advice Havant frequently helps people who are feeling desperate, with no control over their finances. Life becomes a cycle of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’, not wanting to open letters, answer the phone or open the front door. Debt becomes a part of daily life. To make the most of your money you don’t have to be good at maths – just honest with yourself.

Out in the community we offer group sessions to look at where the money goes. Our sessions are delivered free and can be tailored to the needs of your group from formal training to answering questions at a drop-in. They are a great way of sharing tips and making the most of friend referral schemes can even put money in your pocket. Don’t worry, no one has to share personal information in public! We recognise we all have different priorities where money is concerned, but only when we know what we are spending money on, can we make informed decisions. Would you choose a holiday or a cup of coffee every day?

Our money mentors can offer one-to-one appointments to help you look at your spending patterns and see if we can suggest savings. We can check you are on the best deals for energy and broadband and that you have applied for all the help that is available to you in benefits and special tariffs.

We are not debt advisers. We know the people who are and can arrange free debt advice if you feel your situation is out of control and want further help.